Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sunday Trip

So, I know I'm a little late in telling about my Sunday activities as it is Tuesday night, but that is Prachi for you. Actually we are having a little problem with our water system so calling the technician sometimes become a huge task instead of 'one call away' thing. So didn't get time to transfer pics to my laptop.
Now what did you do on Sunday? I'd gone on a suddenly planned trip to Delhi with my sis and cousin brother and bhabhi. The trip was planned by brother and I just get along with it. We visited Janpath, Connaught Place, Hanuman Mandir and Bangla Sahib. This was my first visit to Bangla Sahib, It was so beautiful and so peaceful, felt like sitting there for hours. But we were short on time so were unable to do that. Posting some of the pics.

Benefits of Orange

Oranges...delicious, juicy, sweet oranges...I love them...Do you?? yes...good... they are not only very tasty fruits but are also rich source of vitamins, especially vitamin C.
The orange (specifically, the sweet orange) is the fruit of the citrus species Citrus × ​sinensis in the family Rutaceae.The orange is a hybrid, possibly between pomelo (Citrus maxima) and mandarin (Citrus reticulata), cultivated since ancient times.

Benefits of oranges are:
  • Indigestion: Have an orange after your lunch and dinner. It helps in pain from overeating, indigestion and gastric problem. (tried and tested)
  • Ajeerna: Ajeerna is a type of indigestion disorder where food is not digested properly due to low digestive power or some other reason.
    • Mix a pinch of black salt and black pepper in 1 cup of orange juice and drink it for immediate relief. In old cases drinking it regularly cures it permanently.
  • Old and regular constipation: In such cases add a pinch of salt to a cup of orange juice and drink it on an empty stomach like first thing in the morning.
  • Acidity: Orange is one of the best natural remedies of acidity. Add a pinch of rock salt and roasted cumin seeds (bhuna jeera) in a cup of orange juice to cure problems which arise from acidity.
  • Stomach ache: Add a pinch of roasted asafoetida (heeng) in a half cup of orange juice for instant relief.
  • Skin problems: Orange peel can be used for all types of skin problems like acnes, wrinkles, even boils and chicken pox marks.
  • Dysentery: Orange juice also helps in dysentery or loose motions in summers.
  • Influenza: Consume one or two cup of orange juice two-three times in a day. It will give relief in influenza.
  • Nausea and Vomiting: Consume a cup of orange juice with a dash of honey. It is particularly effective for pregnant women.
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Happy Navratri

It took me all day to wish everyone a very-very Happy Navratri. May Goddess fulfill all your wishes...

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Monday, May 21, 2012

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Tangerine Tango is the colour of the year according to Pantone. And its celebration time here at Vanity No Apologies (the other day I was telling about my blog to this lady in my spanish class and her first reaction was "its a weird name"). I recently crossed 500+ gfc followers and 1k facebook fans, plus I'm getting into a nice B-school, so it calls for a giveaway...straight from the heart.......

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Friday, May 11, 2012

DIY Body & Face Scrub Pack

Remember in one of my posts I'd told about watermelons and how I kept pieces in refrigerator. When I did it few weeks back it was too much watermelon to be able to use within a week. So I improvise. I told mum that I'm going to mash it 'later'. My mum just go and grind it in mixer and made a pulp of it. Sooo sweeeet na!!! Well now I'm free to use it as it is or as a face pack or a body scrub pack!!! How??? Simple.... I mix it with gram Flour (besan). and then Ta Da....Your skin glows..glows..and glows. and it is soooo soft too.

The whole process in a few simple steps:

  • Scrap out the watermelon from the peels or you can use the eatable part too....your choice...
  • Grind it in mixer.
  • Store it in a jar.
  • Now take 2 spoons of gram flour and 1 spoon pulp and mix them. Vary measurements according to your need.
  • If there is any scrub or face pack you are unable to use mix it too. Pack: 1 part and gram flour: 3 parts. This way gram flour neutralizes the worse effect of the pack. For example- I've this Ayur face pack and its very hard on skin. So I mix it in this pack and voila...it becomes useable. You can try it with any dry or liquid pack.

Please tell me if it works for you....
Few days back I was facing dry skin which I usually don't have in this weather. This pack helps me overcome that.
Gram flour is so mild that you can use it every day or every other day as you wish. It helps in acne too.
This pack lightens the skin and helps in pigmentation and skin tan.

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Monday, May 7, 2012


This giveaway is open internationally!  But that's not it!  ONE person from India will also win this!!  So one person from somewhere INT...